Vocal Improv

It’s liberating, heart opening, empowering!

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Every Wednesday 7 – 9 pm

5915 SE Division Street – $15 at the door (or use paypal below)

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heavenmcarthur-portland-sings-074-mediumResMaybe for some a bit scary at first, but what joy to just open your mouth and play together with whatever comes out!

You’ll be led in various exercises that help you understand the building blocks of improvisation. This gives you lots of choices in what to start or contribute in vocal play, so that you can grow in your vocal improv skills, become a more conscious improviser, and learn some improv vocabulary. No experience whatsoever required or expected.

As Bobby McFerrin says:

“First you sing one note, and then you sing the next.”

Really it’s that easy. With the right exercises : ) I lead all gatherings. I’m a trained singer, choir director, improviser, cellist, drummer, music therapist, world traveller, pioneer, and student of Rhiannon and Bobby McFerrin‘s circle singing.

heavenmcarthur-portland-sings-070-mediumRes“Improvisation involves coming into a situation without rigid expectations or preconceptions. We must keep going forward, fearful or not, and be ready for anything that comes our way. That’s how life is. Remembering that life can be full of surprises is always useful. We’re improvising all the time—it’s good to recognize that.” —Bobby McFerrin

“To create across boundaries and form requires the right combination of willing souls with the same intention, and time and space to work out the kinks. It is a valued and respected aspect of art extending back into all of history and across cultures. This is collaboration as prayer all of us lead and all of us follow.

No one makes choices that would shake the foundation.

We want our partners to shine. Generosity is the goal.

heavenmcarthur-portland-sings-209-mediumResTrusting these other humans across all boundaries. All that is left is a fragile, powerful, potent adventure. May it always be so.” – Rhiannon (Vocal River)

Just come and play any or all Wednesday(s) at 5915 SE Division Street, look for Sing Portland signs. See the events page for details.

Purchase one session for $15.

Purchase 10 sessions for $135.

Improv with you soon,


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