Why singing is more than just sound

When you sing as much as I do, it feels like music and singing underscore every part of your life, physically, emotionally, even spiritually — so much so that I’m always a little shocked when I come across people who write it off as being simply a hobby. But I do understand how, particularly in…Continue Reading

What is the actual nature of music, really?

In 1952, composer John Cage premiered a three movement composition that went on to become one of the most controversial pieces in music history. It was called 4’33” — and it consisted of four minutes and thirty three seconds of silence. Some in the audience were inspired. But many people were shocked, and even insulted…Continue Reading

4 Unexpected benefits of singing

I’ve never needed a reason to sing. It’s something that’s such a fundamental part of my life that I couldn’t imagine not doing it! But I know it’s not that way for everybody — you might need a reason to start singing, especially if you’re new to it. If you’re thinking about giving singing a…Continue Reading

Think you can’t carry a tune in a bucket? Think again!

I believe in the power of singing — it energizes us, uplifts us, and it’s an incredible force for connection. Which is why I can’t stand the thought of someone being cut off from it just because they have the mistaken belief that they “can’t” sing. The truth is, if you can talk, you can…Continue Reading

Music as life saver and other true stories

I was going to write you about the most inspiring concert I’ve ever been to. Black Violin played in Portland last February. The place, the fancy Arlene Schnitzer Hall (for the Dutch people on this mailing list – Portland’s version of Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw) was PACKED. I had never been to a concert in the Schnitz…Continue Reading

Five Key Ingredients to Vocal Improv

1. Bring your inner child Forget about all the things that need to be done, planned, taken care of. Live in the moment. Singing improv is not about being efficient, or productive. It’s about being playful. The other day I took my 4 year old twins for a walk with the wagon. Once I could…Continue Reading

Sing Portland! is expanding

Hello beloved singers, Sing Portland! has more singing adventures in store for you. I just returned from Hawaii where I studied vocal improv with Rhiannon and I can barely contain all the music that wants to find its way into Portland. In this picture we’re singing the Hawaiian chant E Ho Mai to the jungle. We did…Continue Reading

How to contribute to World Peace

As I’m surrounded by loved ones and Christmas gifts, I can’t help but think about the many people who are not. The Syrian refugees are the first to come to mind. Whether all the displaced, incarcerated, abandoned sweet hearts in the world celebrate Christmas or not – the darkest time of year is still a…Continue Reading


Every single day I’m excited to go to choir, and every single night I come home energized and inspired. I’m grateful for all of you!!! This blog post I felt like getting up close and personal and share with you how I got to the point where I can say I’m living my dream. Just…Continue Reading

A few life lessons from singing

Music and life have so many parallels. There’s a lot to be learned from making music. Here are a few gems. Be Here Now Some people come to Sing Portland because it is therapeutic for them. Others say it is the highlight of their week. I’ve heard people say “When I sing I get a…Continue Reading

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