Winter term “Building Bridges” starts January 3rd




Building bridges between our division

I reach out to you will you reach out to me?

With all of our voices, and all o our visions

Friends, we can make such sweet harmony.

Weekly¬†rehearsals in SW on Mondays, NE on Tuesdays, SE on Thursdays (pick one) and concludes with a Singing Party Saturday March 18. Register here for this winter’s term.


Sing Portland! was founded in 2013 by Marion Van Namen with the goal of spreading the idea that EVERYONE can sing, and it is only when singing together that we truly feel the magic of our own voices. For some, Sing Portland! is a weekly respite from their busy lives. For others, it heals the wounds of a lifetime of being told they couldn’t make music. For everyone, it’s an opportunity to find joy in our community, in our neighbors, and in ourselves.

Currently, Sing Portland offers three programs:

Adult Choir

Vocal Improv


All of our programs are offered at sliding scale rates.

Join us! And sing your heart out!

Sing into 2017screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-2-40-42-pm

Join us for a Singing Weekend in the beautiful town of Manzanita OR. January 6 through 8th. A relaxing and luxurious weekend with song, movement and contemplation to set an intention for the new year. Read more here.

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